Support for modern high-technology sectors

It is safe to say, that High-Tech and ICT are still quite “fresh” directions on cooperation. At the beginning of 2013 acceleration office WPHI Washington (SVAC- Silicon Valley Acceleration Center) has started to operate in Silicon Valley. They are offering services supporting expansion of new polish companies of modern high-technology sectors. Offered program is intended for entrepreneurs of various fields (for example: software, gaming, mobile, hardware) “10-days for START”, “Ready to go” and “TechMatch”. Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in collaboration with WPHI and Polish Ministry of Economy is continuing fulfilment of “Polish Silicon Bridge”. Ministry of Economy is working on Foresight for Polish technological industry InSight 2030, directed for Silicon Valley in US. Polish economic center is going to be open in near future based on WPHI Washington satellite office in San Francisco. This will create new possibilities for tightening cooperation of polish business with US market.