The Polish-American Legal Bridge (PALB) was created to provide legal and consulting services to businesses, and particularly those in the United States and Poland, wishing to expand internationally. It is a unique project born as a result of the collaboration between two law offices based on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Fuksa Khorshid, LLC, based in Chicago, along with FILIPIAKBABICZ Law Firm, operating in a number of Polish cities, created a support platform for businesses seeking an alternative for large multinational legal corporations.

Expanding business activities to an international market requires advanced legal support to ensure the entrepreneur that his business decisions are in full compliance with local laws and regulations. Background research on the target country’s legal system is not always sufficient; therefore, thorough knowledge and understanding of the legal culture applicable in a given region is the key factor enabling a successful international expansion.

It is crucial that the knowledge on foreign policies is regularly verified and compared with the legal system of the environment from which the project that is being implemented originates. Therefore, the advisors’ key role is to properly and fully bring together two or more individual legal environments, along with the needs and conditions embedded within.

The teams at both PALB law firms are composed of attorneys, tax advisors, or accounting specialists who have extensive experience in all areas related to conducting a business in both Poland and the United States.